Buying weed online Canada

With the sea of change that has come to North America when it comes to weed more and more people are looking buy weed online.  This is especially evident in Canada where laws have gone from full prohibition with an unground black market to blatantly out in the open gray markets.  For the time being recreational cannabis is still illegal in Canada but in most metro areas the local police have taken a very hands off approach to the dispensaries that open within their jurisdictions.  That’s not to say some haven’t been raided and shut down but for the most part they just seem to open back up again in a matter of weeks and keep going like nothing happened.  Often just being fined and not charged which almost seems like a shakedown to be honest.  Online sales offer a bit more reliability without having to go through the farce of medical certification because let’s be honest, more than half the prescriptions filled out at these dispensaries are really for recreational use.  Buying weed online is just more convenient as well, not everyone lives in a metro area that has dispensaries, Canada is a big country after all.  The ability to just order a package online and have it arrive a few days later seems a lot easier than going down to a shop filling out forms and walking home with weed in your pocket and I imagine the majority of sales will go this way in the future.